Business owners should consider our services when they need help or perspective on their chosen path or if they need a catalyst for change in their companies. Business owners can add short- or long-term capacity to their organisations by contracting with Strategy Pilot. Most small businesses cannot afford to recruit permanent high-priced talent, and Strategy Pilot helps bridge that gap, by providing knowledge, expertise and guidance at an affordable monthly rate. We choose not to lock our client’s into rigid long-term contracts, and instead offer flexible contract terms, which range from six to twelve months, with the option to renew as needed.


Our recommended service duration is 6 months. Given the nature and complexity of the services, we need a minimum of 6 months to implement and complete the work. Upon expiry of this initial service duration, the scope, fees and service duration may be revised by both parties on terms both parties feel comfortable with.


We charge a monthly retainer fee for our services. Please contact us for more information.


Strategy report (internal and external analysis)

Resolve problems and identify opportunities

Strategic thinking and sound boarding

Information technology and internal systems design

Employee alignment, training, and management

Marketing and communications

Financial management and reporting

Project and time management

Evaluate product and service offerings

Objective views and decision making


People management, including organisational alignment, productivity monitoring and motivation

Information technology & internal systems management and support

Design and implement a customer experience survey – identify areas for improvement

Design and implement online forms – information collection

Segment, review, consolidate and clean client databases

Marketing coordination and implementation

Monitor and update Google AdWords profile and online reviews

Monitor and update social media platforms

Implement and host monthly performance meetings with staff at the Company premises

Operational meetings/visits at the Company premises

Monthly progress report